Terms & Conditions @ Pakiheart!

Every individual of our website has to comply with our terms & conditions.

We at Pakiheart provide users friendly environment and all the rights are reserved.

By Joining our Chat Room, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1 - You are at least 16 years old to join this chatroom.

2 - You will not abuse any user, religion, cast or use any type of bad language on main chat window or in private message with any users or admins at any time.

3 - You will not harm any user of the chat room in any possible way and will not blackmail them.

4 - Harassing any user is strictly prohibited.

5 - We strongly recommend that you don’t share your personal info with anyone and if you do so you will be responsible for this and incase of any incident, we will not be responsible.

6 - We believe in give respect and get respect. You will respect all users of chat room and also follow rules and respect admins and mods.

7 - Sending any vulgar, nude/porn material on main and in private chat is strictly prohibited.

8 - You will not be sharing/advertising any links with anyone whether on main chat or in private for other websites.

9 - You will be responsible for all of your actions and if found guilty of any rules and regulations will cause you kick or permanent ban from our site.

10 - We strongly recommend to discuss politics and religion, however if you have to make sure to comply with all terms and conditions and have a respectful conversation.

We wish you have a pleasant time here at Pakiheart and suggest you to follow all terms and conditions in order to not get banned permanently from chat.